Product Definition

Loan Wrangler is an easy and fun chatbot conversational interface. It serves as a simple way to check out tools and interface with the tool loaning system at Olin. The tool help includes: resources, reminders to return due tools, and more

Project Risks

  • Complications of natural language processing and/or anticipating all use cases (incl. trolls/misuse)
  • Synchronizing with TIND for optimal use/adoption
  • There’re a lot of great bonus features that will take some time to go through

Project Roadmap

Between now and April 20:

  • Start setting up TIND interface to get tools list
  • Being able to ask about tool availability
  • Getting full list of all tools when asked
  • More testing

Between April 20 and April 24:

  • Fully fledged testing
  • Better documentation
  • Digital signage